Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crabby Patties

Last night was my second attempt at eating crab cakes.  They were really delicious, but for the second time, my band said no go.  I guess the crabby patty is going on my list of unfriendly band foods.  Speaking of lists of foods  I cannot eat right now, it is getting longer than I would like.  With only a few pounds left before I hit goal, I think it will be ok, temporarily.  What bothers me most about my list of foods my band doesn't allow, is most of them are very healthy.  Once I am comfortable at my goal weight, I am thinking that I will get teeny tiny unfills at monthly intervals until I can eat some of these foods again.  The sad part is that my band does absolutely nothing to prevent me from eating junk like, chips, chocolate, ice cream, etc.

Here is my current list of foods my band will no longer tolerate:

  • 1.   Bread ( sometimes toasted is ok)
  • 2.   salad ( now and then my band will be loose enough, but rarely.
  • 3.   fresh pineapple, kiwi, oranges
  • 4.   steak (rarely, I can eat it cut very thinly and with alot of sauce, but steak is one of those foods usually eaten at a gathering or restaurant and I usually try to avoid it if there is another alternative)
  • 5.   Salmon ( still don't understand why the band doesn't like it )
  • 6.  Bananas
  • 7.  cereals, even bran
  • 8.  broccoli ( i have to be very aware bite size and really chew well but he stems are a big NO NO)
  • 10..  leftover chicken ( i can only eat it one meal after cooking, none reheated)
  • 11.  Now crab cakes :(
As you can see, many of these foods are considered a healthy addition to our diets.  I will definately have to find a way to add them back in during my maintenance phase.


  1. I have almost the identical list Dee! You look great!

  2. When you mean no longer tolerate, it'll come back up once you eat it? I'm not banded yet so just trying to get a feel for what foods I might have to leave out. Cause I always wondered if I was going to be able to eat bread again or any fruits.

  3. Some banders can eat bread, i can only eat it toasted. When I say I can't tolerate or not band friendly, it means it gets stuck easily or causing Pb which basically means it comes back up. Either one is very pleasent :(

  4. How do you make your crabcakes? I have a recipe for lump crabcakes that I personally have no problems with. Email me at

  5. I have something for you on my blog!


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