Friday, July 23, 2010

Bahamas or bust!

I had a really good day yesterday.  I made fairly good food choices and worked out.  Spent the day packing for my cruise, leaving tomorrow...WOOT! WOOT!

Fitness ~   I walked 3.45 mi and burned 324 calories

Healthy Eating ~ Breakfast was a punch Isopure, Lunch was tuna fish with lite mayo and egg, Supper my husband and I went out, I had a few bites of steak, a couple of string beans and a couple bites of mashed potatoes, snack was a 90 caloie ice cream.  I didn't do as well with water as I did yesterday.  My goal is to do better today.


  1. have fun on your trip and aren't you glad that the storm is moving through today? You will have smooth sailing now!!

  2. Have a great time! I LOVE cruising! Think of us stuck on solid ground!

  3. Have a great time Dee! Enjoy your family time.

  4. Have a great time! take tons of pics!


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