Monday, June 7, 2010

Tears for our homeland

My family had a fabulous condo booked @ Perdido Key, Florida. We have been praying that the awful oil spill would not make it to Florida. The front page of our newspaper shows an oil line along the beaches. We finally decided to cancel today because we just didn't want to deal with it. Here in Mississippi the beaches are starting to show tar balls and we have to deal with the smell..

It makes me cry...................


  1. Oh God, I hear ya! We live in Navarre, FL, just east of Pensacola and the tar balls are coming ashore here. I can smell the oil many days these past 2 weeks. I am so sorry you had to cancel. We just moved here in Sept.09 and it makes me cry too.

  2. So sad to hear the news. I was looking at this morning and the photos were heartbraking. Yesterday, I sold my shares in Exxon. Although they're not responsible for the oil, I couldn't morally support the oil companies as a shareholder anymore.

  3. Wow....that sounds so bad. Think of all those don't it is too heartbreaking. So sorry to hear about your holiday. I hope someone refunds all those businesses who will have lost out because of the spill


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