Monday, June 21, 2010

Manic Mondays

Yesterday we had a wonderful Father's Day.  Two of our three children and all the grandchildren came over for a BBQ. Our son had to work so he was MIA. It was nice having a day with all our children.  I did have some Pb issues yesterday with steak.  I cut a very small piece of a steak and shared the rest with my husband.  I cut it all into tiny pieces, thought I was being careful.  I try to eat steak on rare occasions because it is just too much trouble.  I am trying to be cautious today.

Today I am lucky to have a peaceful day off work, I will spend it cleaning and weeding the garden.  Exercise has been sporadic at best this month.  My evenings are spent at swim team cheering for my girls.  By time I get home it is time dinner and bath time.  Just not enough hours in my day this month.  Swim team will be concluded after this weekend.   Thank goodness.

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