Wednesday, June 2, 2010


With 16lbs to lose before reaching my goal, I have been very apprehensive about moving into MaintenanceVille.  I have visited there on several diets, mostly my stay was very short before being evicted.  In all my previous dieting, Maintenance usually meant I was "Finished"  I had set a weightloss goal and achieved it and then..........I would begin eating all those foods I labeled as forbidden or not allowed, of course  I would usually give up on the exercise.  Sometimes the weight would creep back on slowly, other times I seemed to gain it back overnight.

I want this time to be different.  This is going to be the really hard part of my journey.  I have lost this weight before, the test will be when I move into the Town of MaintenanceVille.  I am trying to consider what I have done or will to make it a permanent move rather than a visit.

1)  I have my friend the band.  But I have questions about that also.  Do I continue with this tight restriction that is resulting in weight loss?  Do I get slight unfills so that I can have the freedom of adding the healthy foods that my band will not allow?  If I do an little unfill, will I have the willpower to use it wisely and not eat the UNHEALTHY foods ?  Right now most fresh fruits and chicken are no longer tolerated with my band.  Even salad is a rare treat right now, something I have be extremely careful chewing.   I really love fruit/salad and would like to add them back, but that would mean some unfilling.

2)  This journey is not supposed to be diet, meaning there is no 'FINISH"  I really do not weigh, measure or count calories any longer.  Does maintenance mean I will have to return to doing those things? UGHH, I hope not.

3)   I absolutely believe one important partner when living in MaintenanceVille, is MR. SCALE.  Those days when the weight seemed to creep back on, it didn't,  I just stopped paying attention.   Mr.Scale MAKES me pay attention, MAKES me stay aware.  He will have to be there to greet me each morning.

I am so scared now that my goal is within the near future.  I am scared of Maintenance.  Scared that I will not have the knowledge or confidence to live there.  I need to educate myself before I get there.  Learn from other banders who live there!


  1. I'm sure you'll do great, you have a plan and that's a major step. I have never been successful with maintaining either. Good luck!

  2. im with you. My plan right now is to just keep on with what i have been doing. With my last fill there was a point when I could eat quite a bit more but not gain and not lose. I am targeting that as my idea of what maintenance will be. I still could not eat lettuce so I think that is off the table forever. I can eat most anything else but with huge amounts of care chewing.

    I can live with that. My guess is you have to figure out what you can live with and then monitor and adjust. Thats my plan anyway..however unformed.


  3. It's worrisome to me too although I have further to go. Will be following your progress (and that of others) with much interest.

  4. You will do just fine - just stay in touch with the medical staff. If you start to gain weight they'll do a little adjustment, if you continue to lose they'll take a little out. Little tweaks here and there but they'll help you maintain. 16 lbs. to go - congratulations!

  5. You're so close now! I can't imagine what Maintenanceville is like...I don't think I've ever even visited. I would read up on Sally's blog as she has great advice for veteran bandsters who are close to/at goal.

  6. I haven't even thought that far along. The advice that my surgeon's office manager keeps giving us is set a weight amount that you'll allow yourself to get to before calling them for an adjustment. That way, you can allow for normal weight fluctuation (TOM, extra salt intake, etc.) before it becomes worrisome, therefore requiring an adjustment.

    As another commentor said, check out other bandsters who are at goal and see what their secret to maintenance is. Good luck with it!

  7. You know, since I am so close to this has been running through my mind - but I didn't even think about an adjustment happening. Sheesh lol. But logically that is what will happen I guess. I don't think I will need one right now - I am ticking along really nicely - not too much restriction so I cant eat, but not really hungry either. I guess we will do what we always do - figure it out when the time comes. :)

  8. Wow you are so close! Amazing! You sound like you have a plan, and the band will keep you from repeating the past. Congrats on being so close!


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