Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life is good

Memorial Day weekend was good.  Saturday, our oldest had a sleepover at a friends house so we brought the youngest to the beach for a couple hours.  I feel so fortunate living close to the water in the hot summer months.

So far we have seen no effects of that horrible oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico but I fear it is inpending and it makes me cry.

Sunday, My granddaughter Paige and I began our Veggie garden.  I am very much NOT a gardener, never have been.  Paige has been expressing an interest in how a plant grows and it is a grandmother's job to feed their curiosity :) 

Yesterday, my youngest had her first swimming lesson of this year and I let them swim a bit beforehand.  Later my husband cooked BBQ and it was delicious.  I carefully ate 1/2 of a small rib and a bite of broccoli and was nicely full.

Although my weight loss is slower than when I first began this journey, I am losing.  I am really not even trying any longer.  I try to eat my protein first at meals but other than that, I am eating my normal foods.  The difference is my band demands that I stop when I am full or face the consequences (Pbg).  That thought is enough to make me push away from the table LOL

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Memorial Weekend and expressed our gratiude to those in our armed forces who work so hard to protect us.


  1. lovely picture and I'm glad you haven't seen any oil yet. I hope it stays that way and some of the beaches remain clear of it.

    Your garden will be great :) just get the best dirt or amendments you can (cow manure or some equivalent) and plop those good things in. I grew okra last year and loved it. It was so beautiful and tropical looking.


  2. Glad all is going well! Good luck with the garden.


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