Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Feelin the Burn

I had my 7th fill back on June 15th.  It was a teeny tiny fill of only .2.  But apparently it was enough to give the most painful case of acid reflux that I have ever had.  I was experiencing night coughs so badly that I hardly slept.  At first I thought it might be foods that I was eating so I started keeping track of what I ate, then I stopped eating past 6:00pm.  Nothing helped.  I wasn't sure it was the fill at first because I really did not see problems with eating foods or drinking. It was just this dayum nightly acid reflux. I felt like my entire esophagus was on fire.

I finally went to see my fill NP today.  She said it is definitely from being too tight.  At first she wanted to remove just .1 instead of the whole .2 she had added.  But I decided I didn't want to take a chance of suffering during the long 4th of July weekend.  So now I am back to 7.2 again.   I guess I will find out tonight if it was enough.  If I still have it tonight and I have to go back tomorrow to have more unfill.  I hope that will not be necessary but I have heard too many stories of permanent esophagus scaring and band erosion from the acid.  I certainly don't want to have any of those problems.

Here is where I realized that I still have work to do inside my brain.  I was having good restriction, good weight loss and was willing to suffer this horrible pain to lose weight.  The reasoning side of my brain knew what needed to be done.  The emotional side of my brain was willing to risk all the possible health issues.  I am glad my reasoning side finally won the argument.  I am pleased with the results I have had with the band so far, now I need to continue to strive for my goals.  I can do this without endangering my health in the progress, after all improving my health was one of the main reasons I was banded.


  1. Great thinking GF...nightime reflux...never good! Hope this does the trick!

  2. I hope this resolves the issue. I have been battling to fill or not, you're a big help.


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