Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers Day Weekend

I am sitting here at midday with my glass of wine, peaceful, quiet, no stress. This is the way my weekend is starting. My daughter is off with her boyfriend for the weekend. My granddaughters are off on a girl scout trip to attend a Hot Air Balloon Festival and I have my house to myself.

This is such a rarity for me in the summer. My week usually begins with me going to work, coming home, running with the kids to various activities and collapsing at bedtime and repeat. I work one Saturday a month and the three remaining weekends are usually spent cleaning and running with kids in the summer just trying to keep up with them. By the time Sunday evening comes along, I'm exhausted and have to prepare for work on Monday. On and on it goes. As that song goes "Sounds like life to me". It is my life and I would not trade this time with my family (exhaustion included) for any amount of money. I feel blessed to be such a huge part of my granddaughter's lives. So many grandparents have only an occasional visit.

Still, a weekend of Peace and quiet is good for the soul :)

Tomorrow is Father's day. I have no clue what the children have in store for my husband. We just had a huge blow out party for his 60th birthday last weekend, so we are thinking just a little visit will be plenty, especially since we are quite content to enjoy our down time.

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