Sunday, May 23, 2010


When I first began on this journey, I didn't have a clue where I wanted it to lead me.  Now as I am visiting fitting rooms and enjoying shopping again, I have narrowed my goal weight down.  It has never been my goal to be skinny, I always just wanted to be healthy.  For me that may be overweight on some BMI charts, but I have to do what I think looks best on my own body.  I am over 50, I have no desire to be too thin, I don't think it looks attractive on women my age because our wrinkles appear more noticeable.  Also, I do not want to always be tightly restricted.  I want to be able to experiment with fills so that I can eat some healthy foods that are totally off limits to me now due to Pb's (Fresh fruit, salads & chicken are a few).

After reaching my goal, I want to change my attention away from weight loss to strength training to tone my legs and arms more.

So now here I am, less than 20lbs from what I consider to be my goal.  I do reserve the right to adjust it lower or higher depending on how I look as it gets closer.  For the first time since I began this journey, my dream of living in 9/10 sizes seems possible.


  1. Good for you to konw what you want and to be soo close to goal.. good for you

  2. woohoo--This goal stuff is hard to figure out I agree. I revise mine daily but have decided to check out what it feels/looks like to be just into the normal range scale. I would stay right where I am now forever if the weight loss stopped or I felt like I just could not live with the tight restriction anymore. Thus far I am still looking down :) but the health and clothing gig is awesome isn't it??

    I remember your days of frustration! I am glad those days are over and worrying about goal is your main concern :) Great work!!


  3. Great words of wisdom. I like you, are reaching my target weight and it's hard to know where to stop. I don't want to be skinny skinny but I do want to look thinnish. As long as the wrinkles stay at bay, I will be happy. x


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