Saturday, May 1, 2010

Back to Reality

I am finally back from my three week cruise/vacation.  Hawaii was breathtaking of course, the two week cruise was the perfect getaway.  No computers, no cells, no tension.  I enjoyed a much needed exodus from life, we had eight "sea days" and I either walked on the track or did the elliptical in the gym during these days.  Port days in Hawaii were very physical with much walking and even hiking in Maui to a beautiful hidden waterfall. 

I did NOT diet in any way.  I ate whatever I wanted, just small portions.  I allowed myself my glass of wine each evening.  My restriction was unusually tight, which helped keep me in control.  One thing that disappointed me about my band though, the buffet was full of all these wonderfully fresh fruit; pineapple, bananas, kiwi......I love all of them, but each time I tried to eat them I got stuck and ended up pb'ng.  I sadly gave up on them.  Do any of you have any bad experiences with fresh fruit? If I can no longer eat fresh fruit, it will be awful for me because I am a huge fruit lover.  I hope it was just a matter of tighter than normal restriction :(

NOTE:  The best part?  I gained only 3 pounds!  3 pounds after a 2wk cruise of dining and drinking along with another week of beaches and restaurant food!  I already lost 2 of those pounds since being home.  Hopefully I will be back to where my pre-trip weight within the next couple days.


  1. Hi Dee...glad you had a great trip! I am trying to become a follower of yours but cannot find the button to click on to follow. Please let me know what I should do. Thanks.

  2. That sounds like the trip of a lifetime, Dee. You look so happy and relaxed! Congrats on keeping the gain in check.

  3. Wow Dee, you had the vacation I love to take!! I love to cruise and I love Hawaii! We have actually cruised Hawaii once. We left from Vancouver, BC and the cruise was for 12 days. I would love to do it again.

    You look so relaxed in the photos, and I love the one of you two in front of the waterfall!!

  4. Sounds wonderful Dee! I think just 3 pound on a cruise is amazing.

  5. wow that is great Dee! I used to be afraid of cruises because of that buffet :) Now I kind of want to take one. Your trip sounds like it was fabulous!!

    The fruit give me trouble by the way. I can have a single piece-oi strawberry or grape but never more than that. Pineapple...oh my..have to be verrrry careful.


  6. So glad you had a good time. 3 lb gain is awesome for a cruise!


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