Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tops and Bottoms

Two places on my body that have shrunk since I started on my new healthy lifestyle are:

1. Chest
2. Feet

I hate that some of this fabulous weightloss seems to be coming from the top.  I have been putting off buying new bras as long as possible but alas, the day has come when I actually look ridiculous and must go to VS :)

I have several pairs of shoes that I really loved that were sitting in my closet unused because they hurt my feet.  Now I can wear them again, I am loving my new skinny feet!


  1. Yay, skinny feet are one of the best things about weight loss, hey? It's exciting to get back into those shoes we couldn't wear. The boob thing - well, that sucks, but we all seem to be going through it. Have fun trying on pretty bras lol.

  2. Wahoo-isn't the shoe thing the best! Count yourself lucky-The VC bras fit me funny. I a still wearing granny-like bras only smaller.


  3. my first thirty pounds came right from my boobs! went from a 44C to a 36B crazy!
    Still waiting on the size 10 feet to shrink...but nothing so far.

    I just did my first shopping trip to VS, went a little nuts but it was cool to be able to shop there.

  4. Oooh, enjoy your shopping spree!

  5. Yay! I can't wait until I can wear heels without killing my feet! I still wear them now but my poor hubby has to give me a foot rub most nights...hmmm...maybe I need to rethink.

  6. My feet have totally shrunk...and I just saw the title of your post below - I just write a comment on another blog about how I am now a member of the leave food on your plate while children starve in Africa club instead of the Clean Plate Clube, where I was the CEO.


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