Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ready, Set , Go

I spent the entire day trying to pack 3 weeks of clothes into 2 cases, not an easy task.   Tomorrow morning I fly to Vegas to meet my husband (he went a week early) he is the gambler of the family.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy Vegas but not nearly as much as he does, besides he is retired now and I encourage him to enjoy it.  My husband is 10 yrs older than I am and although he does exercise everyday and tries to eat healthy, he does have heart disease and diabetes on both sides of his family.

Packing for this trip has been alot more fun than my last one.  We left on our last vacation & cruise just 6 weeks after I was banded, so I didn't have any fills.  Even without any fills, I gained only 2 lbs which came off in one week.  I am hoping to repeat that again this time. 


Words of Encouragement