Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 2

We spent yesterday casually driving from Vegas to L.A. Enjoying the
view. I had a couple bites of oatmeal along with a couple small
pieces of sausage for breakfast. Later a protein bar for lunch, Approx
1/3 of a yummy Cobb salad for dinner. I enjoyed a glass of wine with
some friends later in the evening.

I have been trying to remember Gen's post about trying to be full on
as little as possible. I have not been hungry between meals.

One thing I wanted ask my fellow banders.......Yesterday, I was very
thirsty, bought a bottle of water & chugged a couple of huge
gulps.....O M G, I got the most horrible pain in my chest! I thought
I was surely gonna die right there on the spot! I kept trying to
belch , finally it passed after about 15 mins. Do you have similar
experiences when you try to gulp water? I have always been a big
water gulper, I guess that is another band no-no?


  1. Hi Dee
    Just found your blog as I'm new to this lap band thing!
    I live near Santa Barbara and you had asked about ideas on where to go. If you are bringing your kids they have a really cute, nice zoo there. Very beautiful. The Mission is also very pretty to walk around. The beach area on Cabrillo is also nice and there is a great walking path there along the beach. A nice, casual beach restaurant to try is East Beach Cafe along Cabrillo or Shoreline farther down Cabrillo. Both are on the water side and you can eat with a wonderful view.

    If you like wine and have time, I would suggest driving about an hour outside of Santa Barbara to the north to the Santa Ynez area where there are over 100 wineries to visit! It's a gorgeous drive as well.

    Sorry the weather isn't to great right now! Today is cloudy and tomorrow it's supposed to rain.

  2. The only time that has happened is just after I have eaten something. I now wait about an hour before I can drink. I once tried to drink when I was stuck-don't do it. It does not wash the food through the band. Pain and then it sometimes comes up. I guess the band is still blocked a bit with food. I also can't gulp as much as before so try to take smaller drinks, wait and then drink a bit again.

  3. It can happen if I am tight-so if i chug a lug right away when I get up or after I have gone to long without anything in my stomach (your feeling really thirsty was probably a sign of this) than the water can back up and hurt. It is best I think to take a test sip see how things proceed then chug if the coast seems clear :)

  4. After I mow the yard, when I'm hot, I miss not being able to grab a big glass of iced water or iced tea and slam it down, then take another into the shower with me. No can do anymore ... have to sip ...

  5. I tend to gulp too. I just got another fill. I'm up to 7 cc's now. I can no longer gulp. I made the mistake of gulping water on Saturday because I was really thirsty. It hurt REALLY bad it my chest. About thirty second later, it came right back up.


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