Monday, March 15, 2010

Wonderful Sunday

We had a fabulous time with the kiddies at the zoo. The weather was absolutely perfect! Beautiful clear blue skies with a nice breeze the whole day.

I found that my two tween granddaughters are losing their excitement over our annual trip to the zoo. But the 5-year old was just in awe of every exhibit, every animal. I felt sad that my two tweens thought they were way too old to enjoy a beautiful day at the zoo. We need to cherish every single day we get with our children in their elementary years, those years are gone in a blink of an eye. I have my doubts about whether my tweens will want to come with us next year. Ah well, sadly they must grow up.

Exercise was a no-brainer yesterday, with 5 hours of walking around the zoo. My new fill also has been good so far with only a couple minor bumps. At the zoo, breakfast was a Atkins bar, lunch was less than 1/4 of cheeseburger and couple of fries, and supper was a cup of BBQ steak was lots of sauce to prevent being stuck with some broccoli. I never felt deprived, ate like everyone else with the exception of breakfast (too tight). All was good in my band world.


  1. I LOVE THE ZOO and I am 30! I just asked Tracey to take me the other day. I love the petting zoo the most!

    There was a time...for about a year...probably when I was 14 that I was tooo coool for my parents. Then I got smart and realized that if I went out with them they would pay for my meal AND the movie (or whatever we were doing).

  2. Glad to see things are looking better band-wise for you. A day at the zoo is always great fun, especially with kids!


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