Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Thrill is gone...

Lately I have noticed much of the fun has gone out of my blogging. Today, I was thinking about what has caused it. My conclusion? Since being banded, I have let the whole "Being banded, exercise,weight loss, dieting blah blah blah consume too much of my thoughts, hence blogging. Sure, I did start my blogging to record my journey after being banded. But, I do not wish to have dieting/banding become my life. My weight loss is now becoming less and less interesting to me. I have come to terms with the fact that I am and will always be a slow loser. I find that when I have made a poor food choice or strayed from exercise, I am discouraged from blogging. I have let my dieting/exercise failures/accomplishments determine my self worth again. I have decided to blog more about the other aspects of my life for now. We are so much more than banders!

Now that Spring is near, I think that not just me, but ALL OF US BANDERS will find more natural ways of getting our physical activities in. I love daylight savings because I have so much more time to do things in the evenings. My husband and I love to take long walks in the evenings after supper. We cannot do that lately because the street lighting is very poor around our neighborhood and its too difficult. I KNOW ME and although I will find myself doing the gym and traditional exercise during different periods in my life, I won't do it with any consistency. I prefer more fun things like swimming, walking, skating, tennis. All those wonderful warm weather activities.

Here's to Spring!!!


  1. We were finally in the mid-60's here today and it was warm and beautiful!! Really weird walking around without a coat and piles of snow still sitting around...even though so much has melted our yard is still covered and some of the piles are still high. I've got Spring Fever!!! Here's to coming out of hybernation!

  2. Wow-i just saw your before and after pics--you are looking great!

    I have gone through a couple of blogging is stale sessions. I think diverging to real life stuff is a good one. I've been trying to figure out what mine will become when I finally get to goal..we can only blog about losing weight for so long right?

    Now since you are feeling spring fever as well why don't you come one board for my take a pic challenge. Take a pic that shows the season where you are, post it on your blog and I will grab it-post it on mine with your address and we will get a survey of weather around our bloggy world :)

  3. I agree... dieting is NOT a life. And blogging is a daily reminder of how slow my weight loss sometimes truly is. I kind of use my blog as a daily journal (ugh, I hate that word), and just throw in band/food stuff so I can stay in the club.

    Yay for spring! I can't wait for nice leisurely walks, too. And I also agree that you have to know yourself, and work with that not against it. Bandwise, I think you're ahead of the curve here.


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