Saturday, March 13, 2010

spring !!!

Well this weekend we change our clocks back an hour. whooohooo! That means I will actually have time for a life in the evenings. I hate when it is dark when I come home after work. Beginning Monday, I will have some outdoors time after work again. My husband and I are already planning to resume our hour long walks, it is so good for relieving stress and also some alone time.

In 3 weeks I leave for my 3 weeks vacation. We have scrimped and saved for this trip for over a year. Beginning with Vegas then Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and then a wonderful 2 week cruise to Hawaii.

Has any of my bander buds been to Santa Barbara? Would some "must see" hints :)


  1. Sounds like a great vacation...why don't we sneak me into one of your bags, eh? he-he
    I'm ready to spring forward the clocks! It is hard to lose that hour but I also like getting home and having a bit more daylight to ride my horse or the quads.

  2. HAVE FUN!!!! That sounds awesome! I'm actually going to be in New Orleans while your there! Going to visit my sister down in Alexandria.


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