Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Ever since my too tight episode, I seem to have lost my way. I am not sure what happened but I just cannot get back on the right road. My eating habits have slipped along with my exercise regiment. I have absolutely no restriction since he removed all of my last fill. I feel like I am starting over from the beginning. But I am determined to keep holding myself accountable for my own future.


  1. You can do it Dee! :) I've been there myself. Hang in there!

  2. When do you go back for an adjustment? This is just a small set-back. I know you're probably feeling disappointed, but the doctor will get you back on track. Until you go back, just try you best to stay very aware of how much you're eating and make the best food choices you can. The lingering winter probably isn't helping much either.

  3. Oh Dee,
    What a horrible thing to have happen. I think as long as you remember at all times you have a band and keep trying to eat like you have one, you will wake up one morning feeling stronger and that's the day you will bring yourself back into line. From then on, you will get stronger and stronger. When is your new fill set for? Once you have some back in you will feel more in control. Thinking of you. :)

  4. Sweetie you will get back on track. I have been slacking at the gym and with my eating but I know that my band will help me out. You will get that restriction back and will get through this. We are all here for you and pulling for you!!

  5. Aw Dee, so sorry! When can you get more fill put in? That just bites.

    But wow, look at your before and afters! You look totally skinny!

    You can do it!

  6. Yes Dee, just look at your before and after photos!! You are looking fantastic! You will find your way again!

    PS) I nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Check it out on my blog. :)


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