Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Fill #6 FINALLY!

Well I had my 6th fill appt today. The NP put in .5cc this time bringing me up to 7.2cc and I am soooo hoping that it will be good. Considering I had the entire .7cc of fill #5 removed, I feel like my sweet spot should be somewhere in the middle of what I had 6.7cc and what was added last time 7.4cc. I was so miserable the last month waiting for this fill. I was hungry all the time and really not feeling good about the road that I was on. My exercise has all but vanished and of course my weightloss stalled. I guess I am not a candidate for big fills, from now on I will keep them small.

(keeping my fingers crossed that is one will be a goodie)


  1. Good Luck Dee - I hope this does it for you :)

  2. Hoping you get good restriction with this fill. Good luck!

  3. This should work for you - and spring is approaching which makes everything seem better!

  4. woohoo-good luck with this one.


  5. OOH hope this fill brings just what you want - that elusive sweet spot xx


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