Friday, March 26, 2010

*** 12 *****

No, not 12 lbs lost, that would be written in much a much bigger title. But today an I am wearing size 12 jeans! They are very comfortable and I can remember trying them on about a month ago and not being able to come close to snapping or zipping them! I have to come to grips with my slow weightloss and I am really close to that size 10where I am to be. I will be on vacation in April and won't be expecting much of a loss, I will be happy with just not gaining on vacation. What a wonderful NSV!

Now for some sad events going on with me. As many of you know, We lost our home in Hurricane Katrina, We finally found a contractor at a price we could afford to rebuild it. We did all the necessary things before selecting him, we checked his license, references and past customers, the guy seemed reputable so we went with him. We agreed upon periodic payments based on various levels of completion. So far we have paid in $46,000 and in the weeks following our last payment to him, he has become increasingly difficult to contact. Not returning calls very quickly, and today we hear through a friend that his secretary was fired because he is filing bankruptcy! My husband went to his office today and found an eviction notice taped to his door. I have been crying for days now, what makes me so angry is that he knew this was coming even as he requested our last payment. He had no intention of doing any work. I filed a complaint with the Louisiana Attorney General and State Licensing Board, but I doubt either one will be able to get our money back. It took us 5 years to save enough money to rebuild after the Hurricane and now this...It's just so frustrating.


  1. I'm soooo sorry. Sometime people just downright suck. You wonder how they can even go to sleep at night.

  2. Oh MY GOODNESS, I am SOOOO sorry. That is totally hideous. I don't know what to say except I hope that you'll be able to fight to get the money back from that bilking contractor.
    I know it sounds outlandish, but if nothing else works, I suggest writing to Brad Pitt-- he has been a big proponent of rebuilding New Orleans and it is the cost of a postage stamp to tell your story and ask for help. May be a dumb idea... but just a thought.

  3. I am so sorry to hear this! Hopefully you can find a contractor to finish his work for an affordable price. That guy is such a gooch!

  4. I agree, he should be hung, drawn and quartered for leading you on just to get as much money as he could! Contractors are evil!!! It is so hard to find a good, reputable one!!

    I agree with Manda Panda, try to find another Contractor to finish the work. But maybe writing Brad Pitt wouldn't hurt either!!

  5. Thank you guys for the suggestions. Brad Pitt only does specific areas of New Orleans and only helps those who are below the poverty line, anyone with even a minimum wage job is disqualified.

    At 50+ years old and having worked a lifetime, we had to literally start over from nothing after Katrina. Now we are right back there again, it's very disheartening.

    We are going to look for legal advice, but I am not sure there will be much we can do once he declares bankruptcy. There seems to be some evidence that he used our money to complete another person's house so he could get their final payment. So Sad that there are people like that in this world.

  6. Holy Moly Dee! That's terrible news...I hope the Attorney General's office can do something to get your payment back...put a lean on anything he owns...geez, what a scum bag!!!

    I can't believe they'll let this go as the whole country has been praying for your city and letting disreputable contracter take advantage of the situation there, well, I think they'd want to make and example of him!

    Oh, and no 'unfill' before surgery tomorrow.

  7. I just started following your blog! I was banded on 3/24 myself and will be needing all the help and encouragement from others...please stop by and say hi!

  8. How horrible! I am so sorry to hear this - do try to make as much noise about it as possible. Contact local news channels and papers, radios and local politicians. Never know?


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