Saturday, February 13, 2010

too tight

My doctor doesn't give much post-fill instructions, usually just liquids until lunchtime the next day. I never had any problems until Friday, my fill was Wednesday morning. I cannot tolerate any solids whatsoever. Protein shakes take more than hour to drink. I realize that I need to go back for an unfill. The problem is that right now Mardi Gras is in full swing here and the city of New Orleans pretty much shuts down all next week. All schools are closed. I doubt my doc will be in his office until Wednesday. I am going to call him on Monday just to be sure. I can swallow and hold down water as long as I drink it very slowly just like protein shakes, so I do not think I am in danger of dehydration or an emergency visit. JUST HUNGRY LOL.

I hope to get them to do a small unfill Monday or Wednesday and I should be good. In the meantime I'm on liquids YUCK.


  1. Ugh, Dee, that's awful. If you call today, maybe he'd go into the office to do it for you? Even waiting two more days is a long time. Hang in there, and keep sipping that water.

  2. Hope you are able to get in soon. Keep sipping those shakes and water :)

    I had to have a small unfill once and the relief was immediate.

    Happy Mardi Gras!
    Laissez les bons temps rouler!

  3. So sorry to hear that you are a bit too tight! I know what it is like to want more of a Fill so that you can get some restriction so the weight loss begins.

    Hopefully, he will take you in next week! I am going in for my 3rd Fill next Wednesday and I am praying that we can convince her to give me another 1cc instead of the .5 she is planning on giving me! I only have 4.0 cc's now in a 10 cc Band. At this rate, I won't have any real restriction for another 2 months at least! :(

    Happy Mardi Gras!!

  4. Ugh! I know how that is!! I got a complete unfill during a bout of stomach flu in January--then he filled me back up (past where I was before) in one fell swoop. I knew it was too tight when I left, but so badly wanted to have some restriction that I thought--I can just stay on liquids a little longer than usual and be ok. It wasn't. It really does feel better INSTANTLY once you get the "too much" out--and in my case it was barely 1 CC too much and I felt like a million dollars again! I'll be hoping the best for you, but don't put it off longer than you have to. Being too tight makes you gain weight just the same as being too loose does. You look great by the way!!

  5. that sucks! and to have a week long vacation going on in town on top of it makes it even harder. Maybe in a week you will lose so much weight that it will get better?

  6. Oh you poor girl. That sounds like a nightmare. I hope you get in to see him asap.. you have to be able to drink!!


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