Friday, February 12, 2010

Real Food

One of the things that I hope to accomplish with the band is being able to eat NORMAL foods, just less of them. The keys being small portions/moderation. For supper I am trying to make my meals healthier not only for myself but the entire family. With occasional foods like pizza/ice cream that I know they crave.

Kids are like sponges, they mimic what we eat as long as I don't push it on them. The other day we picked up a rotisserie chicken from the Market and when I took my piece I started taking off the skin immediately. Brooke (10) loves to eat that stuff, Yuck. Anyway, I was explaining to Brooke (10) about how the fat that comes long with the skin and how it clogs up your heart..yada, yada, yada. Of course she just dismissed me. Paige (5) on the other hand, will not eat skin anymore! Apparently she soaked in my skin/fat/clogging up the heart story. I wasn't even aware that she was listening. LOL

After our supper, I pack leftovers in 1/2 cup plastic containers and put them away. Sometimes I put them in the fridge for lunch the next day or freeze them for lunch later on. It works out perfectly for me since I know exactly how much I am eating. In the morning I throw 2 of those little 1/2 containers in my lunch kit. I try to make it through the day with eating just one, if I find myself still hungry I will eat the other. When I can eat both containers (1 cup) of food for lunch and find myself still hungry, I know it's time to start thinking of a fill appt.

What is in your typical lunch?


  1. Brilliant idea!! I am going to get some of those tubs. we have been doing the dinner meal preparation thing at home now as well. We used to eat out all of the time but in our quest for health we cook. I pack the meal leftovers in larger containers than you do and either eat part of those leftovers in a coffee mug for lunch (half full) or have cheese and crackers for lunch with a bit of whatever vegetable is left over. I have got my husband taking his lunch to work and Grace is loving the leftovers in her lunch. I am so going to buy some small ones just for me!

  2. Perfect! Perfect! Perfect! Except for omitting white carbs from the majority of my diet and limiting sweets, I eat pretty much what I want but in very small quantities. Learning what a real 1/2 cup serving looked like was a major achievement. Your eating habits have to be a normal way of life or you're not going to be able to maintain it for a lifetime. It never hurts to try to eat healthier, though, and teaching children to eat healthier is one of the best gifts you can give them.

  3. Great idea all around! I have one kid who is like a Hoover and another one who rarely eats (and a baby who is refusing solid foods altogether), so we're working both ends of the spectrum here. The teaching as you go is really effective, I've been cooking with my oldest and talking about which ingredients are better than others. Those containers are a great idea, I'll have to start doing that!

  4. FIrst of all-- 30 pounds!!! Wow, and congrats on that... second, thanks for sharing your strategy for portion control.
    Loved it.

    Still getting used to the first fill-- and will need to get a groove about what to eat, but I love to see what everyone does, it really helps.

  5. I use those containers too. They also make them in a one cup size to which I pack left over dinner in a lot.

  6. Perfect way of living your new band life - just small amounts and nothing too much of one thing. It just has to work.
    I already use the containers you pictured. They are fab. Have a great weekend x


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