Friday, February 19, 2010

I want to thank Band-Babe For nominating me for the BB award. When I started my blog it was a way for me to keep myself accountable as I move along my new Healthier Lifestyle. It has become so much more than that. You guys give the best tips, prop me up when I feel like I am falling off my deep end and are just all around great peeps!

* Tell seven interesting things about yourself;

1. I am one of two females in my job place. My job is dominated by men, highly physical and for me at least it is very self-satisfying.

2. I am on husband #3, #1 was when I was barely 18yrs old and lasted less than a year, #2 was an abuser and #3 is the love of my life, my soulmate and we have been together over 20 yrs. Took me 3 times to get it right :)

3. I am a Hurricane Katrina refugee. I still have not been able to move back to hometown.

4. I had a tummy tuck in my 30's once I determined that I wanted no more children. Even with all the weight I gained over the years, that part of my belly never stored fat.

5. I am a cruise-a-holic, I love them!

6. I am a bonafide member of the Who DAT Nation!

7. I am a seller on Ebay. I resell my grandchildren's gently used clothing and toys and give the money to my daughter to buy what they need for the new season :)


  1. OOHHHH you are a tummy tuck veteran! Now I know who to ask when my time comes ;). You will have to post pics of your flat tummy sometime!

    Very fun to learn more about you Dee!

  2. I want a tummy-tuck but it kind of scares me. Drains and hurts - what to do! I like that you don't gain weight there though.
    I am sure I would become a cruise-a-holic also. They sound like such fun. Have a good weekend, Dee. x


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