Friday, February 5, 2010

Battle lines

I am not losing again this week. But there is no mystery to my lack of weightloss. I haven't worked out in a week now. I have not made good food choices nor have I been keeping up with my journal. I am sticking my head in the sand, trying to play head games with myself. Do I really think that if I don't journal a poor food choice, that Mr. Scale won't notice it? I have done the same thing with all my previous weightloss attempts and Mr. Scale is just reflecting the lifestyle that I have led in the last two weeks. I am really stressing out right now for more than one reason. I am at the point in my weightloss where I am really wanting to give up again.
It's like there is a line drawn in the sand and success is on the other side, out of my reach. Were did all my commitment go? Where did all my resolve go? I can eat anything I want right now and pretty much as much of it as I want. I am not where I need to be in restriction yet. I am angry at myself that I need restriction to eat properly. I am even more angry at myself because I have dropped the ball on exercise and I know that I cannot get where I need to be without it. What if I am one of those people who will not be successful with the band?


  1. 1 meal at a time...I can't type today.

  2. We all go through this, you will be successful just take baby steps. I meal at a time, one 30 minute workout at a can do this and we are all here for you.

  3. Dee- I don't think you will be unsuccessful with the band. You are holding yourself accountable and recognizing old behaviors and that's important.
    We all get down, but we're here for you.


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