Saturday, February 6, 2010

1 day at a time

I used to love that show with Valerie Bertinelli, but now I think I am showing my age LOL.

~choices~ have been good so far today and I started my journal again. Funny how when I knew I had slid down the rabbit hole, I wouldn't journal it. But today, I looked at the calendar and realized I was only in that hole for a week, one week thats all! It felt like I had skipped exercise and made poor choices for 2 or more weeks.

~activity~ I did 30 mins of wii step today and felt really good about it :)


  1. Good for you with the journal. I think it is so helpful too.

  2. Great job with your journal.

    Go Saints!

  3. Nice going - and see, it wasn't as bad as you thought it was (it rarely ever is lol) Still going with the exercise... go you!

  4. Great job on the journaling and exercise! Have fun watching the Saints!


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