Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wisdom from Sally & 4th Fill

My favorite NP is out on maternity leave so my fill appointment was with my Surgeon yesterday. He is not very personable and while he was an outstanding Surgeon, I prefer the NP's for fills. He told me just what I suspected, from here on out, my fills will be no more than .5cc's. The fill yesterday still only brings me up to 6.7cc, but I am going to let this one settle in to see if it helps with my hunger. I ate 1/2 c of oatmeal this morning, this is half what I usually have. It took me 30 minutes to eat it. I was being extra careful. It lasted me about 3 hours, is that good? How long do you stay satisfied after a meal? I lost 1 1/2 lbs in the last 3 weeks bringing my total to 25 lbs. At least there is movement, even if it is slow.

Fitness-I doubt I will be able to get to the gym today due to work issues, that means it will be me and the Wii tonight. But that's kewl, because I really want to keep my exercise varied.

Family-It is science fair project time at my house. My oldest (Brooke) has done a great job so far. This year we have backed away, letting her do much more on her own. She will be in middle school next year so we need to allow her to gain some independence with her projects. Now the youngest is in Kindergarten and wants to do a project, so we are letting her do a simple one, even though she will not be allowed to enter it.

Sally, THANK YOU! Your post was so comforting to me! Your insight and experience with the band is invaluable. Another friend of mine on Sparkpeople wrote a post yesterday and part of it said;

"You are facing a tough challenge - but tough is very different than impossible. You will face difficulties, uncooperative family members, time issues, self doubt, years of bad habits - but look to those here who are winning the battle - they faced down those difficulties and often use them as motivation."

For me, that is all of you experienced banders! You are winning the battle, faced the same demons and you have all been a tremendous motivation for me! Thank you for sharing!


  1. 1/4 cup of oatmeal lasted you 3 hours? That's fabulous! What else did you have during the day?

  2. 6 oz albacore tuna
    isopure alpine punch

    I didn't PB from the tuna, but it felt a little uncomfortable and finally just now starting to go down 3 1/2 hrs later. I like my tuna plain with just a little seasoning. Maybe it is too dry now :(

  3. Dee - After your comment on my blog I went back in your posts and saw that you are a Katrina survivor. How heartbreaking and painful that must have been. You have really done an amazing thing, moving forward after experiencing that. I can imagine hearing about Haiti brings back some memories.

    So on to the fill...6.7 is a good amount! I think this should really help you.

    I think 3 hours on that small bit of oatmeal is good! Remember, oatmeal is a bit of a slider food, so it is not going to last as long as solid protein. (I eat it almost every day for breakfast though!)

    Making the tuna a little more "wet" should help too.

    Great job on your losses so far! You started out smaller than most of us and you are doing great!


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