Thursday, January 28, 2010

Week 4, Day 6

My hunger is back with a vengeance today. I did feel some restriction around mid morning when I tried to eat my lunch for breakfast LOL. My band said NO WAY. I guess he is doing his job. I have done that many times in my prebanded days, brought my lunch to work and eaten it for breakfast, then when lunchtime rolled around, I'd eat another lunch, UGH. Have you ever done that? I am sitting at work, it's not even 2pm and I have eaten my breakfast, lunch and all my snacks for the day. I'm taking a tip from Amy and sipping water to see if it helps. This has got to be head hunger, right? It can't be real because I have eaten. This is really puzzling to me when the last two weeks my hunger stayed away 4 hours on 1/2 cup of food. I think maybe I got a little ahead of myself with that last fill, I was feeling so good that I pushed my fill appt back a week. Next fill won't be for two weeks.

~Exercise~I did good today, I did the 35 mins on the elliptical burning 300 calories and adding 2 miles to my January Miles. I also did my arms with the machines.

~family~I didn't get much sugar from the kiddies last night because I got home late from work. I am going to spend 30 extra minutes with them tonight.


  1. I found that some foods, particularly fruits and salads, tended to make me feel hungry. Are your snacks fruit? Pre-portioned peanut butter and nuts made great snacks for me.

  2. If you have lost some weight since your last fill it might be time for more. I found that there was a period where even 5 pounds weightloss seemed to all come off from my band. My band loosened and it felt like I had no restriction at all again. To get me between flls I would re-introduce foods that i could not eat fully restricted but would move through my stoma more slowly when I needed one. Sandwiches are big on this list. If I can eat more than half a sandwich I know its time for a fill.


  3. Dee, your post really made we laugh.. because I can sooo relate. Before I had any restriction I would do the same thing.. eat everything and then at lunch time wonder if I had any snacks stashed away in my office.. I guess it really is a wait and see what works with the fill intervals. if you can get in early that's a great thing.. my doc is fairly stringent on this..


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