Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Week 3, day 5

My restriction is the strangest thing. Since my fill, I have been unable to eat anything for breakfast until around 10am, too tight. This morning I woke up truly hungry and was able to get down two pieces of cinnamon toast. I am still surprised at how restriction can change overnight. Right now my restriction is back again.

Healthy eating~ My hunger has increased a little more yesterday and today. I guess my new found restriction is not going to stay. I finished yesterday @ 936 calories which is pretty much where I was before my 4th fill (1000 cal/day). I just called yesterday to move my fill appt back a week, I want to let this one settle before I go again. I am really scared of overfills.

Fitness~I increased my time on Mr. Treddy from 30 to 35 minutes, I walked one mile/ran 1 mile then did leg work with the machines. Burned 200 calories and clocked 2 miles toward my January Miles goal.

This topic may seem strange to some of you since it is still Winter and snowing in some places. We are leaving for Hawaii in 9 short weeks and I am white as snow right now. I am considering getting spray on tan for just my legs. Has anyone done this? How long did it last? Was it worth the expense?


  1. Get full body. It lasts nicely at least 7 days, and if you take care of it, fades nicely. Follow their directions CAREFULLY and make sure you put lots of cream on your hands and feet (so they don't get fake looking streaks). Towel off WELL after, and wear clothes that you don't mind getting possibly stained.

  2. Did someone say spray-on tan? I am the Queen of the Spray-on once Spring Break hits. I do the little spray booth things, which work great. I can't say it lasts 7 days, but if you keep applying tanning cream after the booth it will last longer. I highly recommend it - but do your whole body!

    About the restriction - give it some more time, seems like it takes a while for some fills to settle in. In the meantime, you sound like you are in a pretty good place. I know I eat more than 1000 cals these days!

  3. Meant to say...the spray tan I use is called Mystic Tan, it is a chain of stores with these spray tanning booths. There are other, similar chains. Give it a try!

  4. Thank you Gen, I'd hate to show up in Hawaii looking like a ghost lol

  5. I went an got a full body spray on tan once. It was great (but a bit daunting.. just standing there in undies letting it all hang out!! lol) Mine did last a good week or 10 days. Only thing is I found the hard way.. if you get your face done too, make sure you compensate with your foundation. I looked at some pics I had taken after and my face looked strange - I was wearing my usual colour foundation but should have had a much darker one! Hawaii sounds SO exciting!!


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