Monday, January 18, 2010

week 3, day 3

Healthy Eating:

~Yesterday, My new found restriction is still holding. I ate some baked chicken (skinless Thigh) for lunch. I could barely eat half of it and I was full, awesome! Here's the thing, later I tried to reheat a piece for supper and couldn't eat any of it. It wasn't dry, it was still very moist, I barely heated it. That was just the strangest thing to me. I ended up having a Praline & Cream protein shake which was yummy.

~Today I am still feeling tight. I was full again this morning on some almonds, which lasted me through 90 minutes at the gym. I had my 1/2 cup of oatmeal as a snack since Gen pointed out it is a slider food. I am not exactly understanding which foods are sliders and which are not. Oatmeal keeps me full for a few hours, so why is it a slider? I have so much to learn!


~Yesterday I played Wii with the kids and then after they grew tired of it I did my step aerobics. Here is a tip for anyone who does Wii Fit and finds it getting less challenging ~ I placed the balance board on top of an aerobics step I had and geez did it make a difference! My booty was still burning when I went to sleep last night.

~Today, the gym was extremely crowded. I find that Monday will be extra crowded and then each day afterwards gets less and less. I began with 30 mins on the elliptical and then did 15 minutes on Mr. Treddy. I burned off 320 calories and completed 2.25 miles. I also did Abs, Inner/Outer thighs, back and shoulders. I have to divide my body into parts for the strength training so I don't run short of time. This is my weekly strength training schedule I try to stick with:

Mon- Abs, Inner/Outer thighs, back and shoulders
Tue- Arms
Wed- Legs
Thu- Arms
Fri-Legs, Squats, Lunges

I always begin with stretches and floor work, then do my cardio machine of the day, then I do the strength training and last I go back and to a mile on the Treadmill.

My gym does offer circuit training, but I have never tried it. If I am ever really short on workout time, I may give it a try. This is only my weekday mornings, I am tring to think of active things to do with the kids on weekend and evenings.


  1. During this type of restriction was when I found it to be the most difficult to serve myself tiny portions - I still had a tendency to serve rather large portions knowing there was no way I would be able to eat all of that food. It's best, though, if you can, to serve very tiny portions, then go back for more if you're still hungry. During this phase was also when my weight loss kicked into high gear.

  2. Oh I've done that. Tried to eat 2nd day chicken only to find uh oh.. it's NOT going to go down. With that level of restriction it needs to be saucy! lol... there's a thought.. saucy chicken for a saucy woman. Hmm.. ok going now.......

  3. I'm not sure if a 'slider' food necessarily would be bad... or maybe it is just semantics?
    I am sometimes having cream of wheat for breakfast, which I suppose is a 'slider'--as in it goes down easy. BUt it has nutritional value= not a bad slider.
    Bad slider is ice cream or chocolate-- goes down easy and no nutritional value.

    I could be wrong, but that's how I interpret it....

  4. Glad to hear you and Mr. S have come to an understanding! Looks like you've got a super workout plan, I might try to copy it.


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