Wednesday, January 27, 2010


My restriction is definitely fading this week. Tonight I got stuck at work and got home really late. I was sooo hungry and was able to eat 1 1/2 slices of pizza. Lunch today was 1 cup of food instead of the 1/2 cup that keep me full last week. My next fill appt in two weeks. I really am disappointed that my restriction didn't last longer.

~exercises~I did 35 minutes on the treadmill today, 1 walked one mile and ran one mile, add 2 miles to my january. I also did legs (floor & machines).

~family~ I HATE HOMEWORK lol


  1. With a title like quickie! ... it will always draw us in! lol. Still up with your exercise - unreal. Bad news about the restriction. It's such a guessing game, isn't it?

  2. Like Cara said... Quickie sucked me right in, lol

    Maybe the restriction will come back.. it is so strange isn't it?

    Way to work out!!! that is great


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