Sunday, January 10, 2010

Oh no, I Killed Mr.Scale!

Two days ago, I got so angry with Mr.Scale for his non-movement that I banished him out the the garage. Well it has dipped into the teens every night since. He is dead this morning. I will have to try to find a battery today. Now, as yawl may or may not realize, I live 5 minutes from the beach, frigid temps is not something I know about. Eeek! My flip-flops are frozen!


  1. Well, if that isn't a message for ya, I never heard one.
    I'd suggest that since you're working out so much that you choose a snug pair of pants and put them on each Monday and see how they are fitting.
    You can also do measurements... this will be a good way to see progress b/c when you exercise alot you 'run the risk' of actually gaining weight in muscle, which is awesome, but can be very discouraging at the scales!!
    Good luck Dee!

  2. lol Funny post! And maybe don't rush out for the batteries. Maybe you need a few days without Mr Scale messing with your head (damn good advice for myself actually!!) Be strong!!

  3. i say you bury him. i threw mine in the garbage!

    i am dying with this cold. last night it was 34 degrees and i live in south florida!!!!!!

  4. Eeeeeeeeekkkkk I hate freezing weather. It might be good to have a break from Mr. Scale but such cruel treatment :)...freezing him to death like that. ahaha

  5. I agree, maybe it's a sign. I think we'd all like to "accidentally" kill our scale. What a dysfunctional relationship I have with my own scale. But, soon enough I'm sure you'll make up with him, as we all end up doing. :)


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