Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm slowing down my relationship......

...with Mr. Scale. At the beginning of my banding it was so exciting to step on Mr. Scale each day and see my weight dropping. It kept me pumped. Now that I have started with the plateaus it is more discouraging to me than anything. I have decided to put Mr. Scale away for a while, only weighing once a week on Friday's and at my doctor appointments. Hopefully, after getting more fills, I will begin to see some losses again. Right now, I am doing ALL the work. The only changes that are going on are the result of my own exercising and eating choices. If I wanted, I can eat everything I could before my banding and just as much of it! I am working strictly on my own willpower here. Hell, if I had much willpower, I wouldn't have needed to get banded in the first place! My poor doctor is going to catch hell from me at my appointment next Wednesday! LOL.

On my healthy lifestyle goals, I did really good on my food choices again today. I have logged everything thing that passes my lips and all my activities. I actually did excellent the whole week so far. I changed up gym again today and did the elliptical for 20 mins and clocked 1.5 miles toward my January Challenge miles. I also did 100 sit ups and a little booty work. Tomorrow is Friday and I'd like to try so lunges and squats if I get time. Happy Thursday everyone!


  1. Good for you putting the scale away! It's sure not easy to do!!

    On the exercise front, think how toned you will be. You must be seeing results there - I hope anyway. x

  2. Good for you having all that willpower! How soon until you can get a fill?

  3. My next fill is on Wednesday


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