Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fittest Obese Cajun Gal on the Planet

I have been trying to move Mr. Scale with a vengence. I am eating the right things, moving my booty so much it hurts! No movement on the scale still. I was grumbling to myself about this today at the gym and the person next to me said the famous "Your gaining muscles and it weighs more than fat". Well I am sick of hearing that sh*t. During the holidays I was doing very good with my food choices and only did light workouts and the scale didn't move then either. I know that staying active is going to be a permanent part of my new Healthy Lifestyle. So, I have decided that if that dayum scale don't start some downward movement, I am determined that I will be the Fittest Obese Cajun Gal on this planet!


  1. Also, Happy Three Kings Day! I have no time to do a real Kings' Cake, but I might do a boxed cake for my kids and stick a little prize in there.

  2. That sucks, no scale movement! It will happen soon!

    I have to say, I usually experience more scale success when I am NOT exercising a bunch and instead just eating MUCH less (like 1000 cals or less). The calorie part seems to be a bigger deal for me than the exercise - but obviously we need the exercise too!

    Keep at it Fittest Cajun Gal!

  3. The scale will move, I stalled for almost 2 weeks and it is starting to move again. You will get it going again soon dear. Happy Three Kings Day! I would love to make King's cake but with just the two of us that is too much cake to have around!

  4. Ack!! Isn't this just plain confusing?? We work out and don't lose and that really bites.

    Maybe you're losing inches!!!! Could well be. I have to agree with the whole frustration on the muscle vs weight thing.. it just does our head in. Like Gen, I find if I do less and just lower the calorie count it works for me too. Maybe you need to shake things up. Do a different type of exercise for a few days and fool your bod.
    Might work :)

  5. Keep going. Do not give up. Really look hard at what you are eating and how much effort you are giving to each exercise (I tend skimp over time on my effort while I exercise). If you can say yes to full on doing what you are supposed to be doing for weightloss than you will lose sooner or later. If the gym person is correct and your muscle gain weighs more and that is why the scale is not moving then you are investing in your future. All that muscle will burn more calories and you will lose faster over time.

    Eventually even if you start out as the fittest obese cajun gal on the plant you will eventually be a skinny one! :)


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