Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 5 of week 4

I had a slow day at work today. I ended up with an extra long lunch today. Normally I would take that opportunity to skip over to the mall or run errands. Today I made the effort to workout instead.

I am taking a different approach in my fitness this time. I making every effort to spice it, keep it fun so hopefully it will be something that I will look forward to each day. Since it's winter right now and it is usually dark when I return from work, my choices are somewhat limited. I will continue to do the gym at lunch whenever time allows and I try to change up the equipment and my workouts. At home I can change it up. I am going to mix it up with different DVD's, maybe some with dancing, zumba or maybe even Hula dancing in preparation of my upcoming trip to Hawaii. Of course, I love doing the Wii Fit as well. On the weekends, I want to include the family activities, find fun things to do maybe skating or bike riding :)

Today I did the Arc for the first time, I really liked it. I also did some leg work using low weight levels to start. I burned 230 calories, 100 calories on treadmill. I logged 2 more miles for a total of 11 toward my January Challenge goals as well! Cha-Ching!

I had good workout, even if Mr. Scale did not show it!


  1. Keep at it.. it HAS to show at some stage.. bloody scales lol. Threaten them with a dirty great hammer like I did when I was stuck.. it helped .. it really did! I scared it senseless ...

  2. I agree with Dashy-- keep it up-- and also: talk to your surgeon if you see no weight loss in 2 weeks. They are there to help you.
    Are you keeping a food journal ? That would probably help too- I know it is heinous, and I hate to do it too (though it sure is easy when you're on liquids!!!)... it is a proven method.
    Sorry you're 'stuck' but things will get moving soon, I am SURE!!!

  3. I know it has been stuck since my last fill, but then my last fill didn't really make a difference in how much I can eat. Yes, I definately have been keeping a log. I log all my foods, only tracking calories and proteins. I also log my exercise.

  4. Way to go!!! That's fantastic about the exercise, and you are going to LOVE Zumba if you like to dance! :)



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