Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Day 4 week 1

There are many threads on LBT dealing with Tell/or not Tell. I told only one very close friend, my sister and my wonderful sweet husband. I didn't share my banding with co-workers, I just felt it was a private part of my life. Today was the first time I had lunch with a large group of them. I was nervous that I would PB right at the table or something. We went to Applebee's and I ordered one of their weight watcher meals (550 calories). I cut it into tiny pieces and paid attention to my chewing. I had no problems at all. I felt like a normal person. No one even noticed anything different and that was a relief to me.

I packed my workout clothes ahead of time and took them to work this morning. I don't know about you guys, but I have to stop on the way home or I won't do it! Once I sit down, it's all over. I burned 238 calories at the gym, did 100 situps (25reg crunches, 25 obliques both right & left, then 25 leg lift crunches). I also burned 20 minutes on Wii Step which burned another 100 calories. That brings my total miles for January to 11! CHA-CHING!


  1. I am like you Dee - I told only my DH and kids, my mom, and one close friend. Thats it! And SO glad I did it that way. I know the feeling of eating like a "normal" person with other people - it is great!

    I think I need to start going to the gym or doing whatever in the mornings. When I leave it to the afternoon or evening (like tonight) I lose all motivation!

  2. I'm pretty wide open - told most everyone... not like I offer it, but if it comes up, I tell people - but I totally understand the other side of the coin too... I don't know that with LB, there is a comfortable in-between space! Keep up the good work - and do what feels RIGHT to you - screw everyone else (and that means those voices in your head that if they haven't shown up yet, may at some point)... Good luck!

  3. For me it was my husband, boys, my few closest friends and that was it too. I don't want to have to explain why/if/how etc on my personal decision to the band - but that said, 7+ months down the track I'm feeling more comfortable about it all.

    Love that you are still exercising - and I hear you on the 'if I get home and veg - I just won't do it' thing. I think that's a universal problem lol.


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