Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 3 of Week 2

Well, I resuscitated Mr. Scale, bought a new battery for him. I then promptly handed him over to my husband with strict instructions to hide him somewhere. I don't want anything to do with Mr. Scale except once a week on Sunday. My new fill is Wednesday and I am so ready for it! I am so hungry ALL the time. To tell the truth, Ms. Willpower and I are not friends either. If we were I would not be banded.

One thing that I miss being banded is my Cranberry Juice. I used to drink a glass each morning. It's so healthy and I just love the taste. I never noticed before just how many calories it has (84 calories/6oz). Food Journal is really working for me. Having to look up how many calories and protein are in the foods before I eat them is definitely making me question whether or not I really want to eat that cookie, or have that juice. I do not intend to keep counting calories, but with no restriction yet, it's the only way I am going to get Mr. Scale moving.

Fitness ~ I cut back a little on my crazy workouts today. I didn't have the extra time today anyway. I did 30 minutes/1.25 mi on Joan of Arc and then 15 minutes/.75 miles on the treadmill burning 338 calories. I also did 75 situps and a new shoulder workout that Sparkpeople emailed me. Do you get those emails? I don't normally like to fill up my inbox with junk mail but I put up with these. Each day they give the a new workout to try, then they give some nutritional education and some recipes.


  1. Hey Dee have you tried the Diet Cranberry juice with Splenda? You could also water down regular Cran juice, I do that sometimes.

    The dead scale story made me laugh!

  2. Dee, you really need to try the Crystal Light Cran Apple. It is soo good! I love Cranberry juice but don't like the splenda kind but I love the crystal light.

  3. You know the other day I googled why 100% juice was so high in calorie compared to just straight fruit. You may already know this, but its bc by the time they get enough juice to make a bottle (and thus taking the dense fibery part out, it breaks down to a lot of sugar and thus the calories!

    I remember once on LBT a lady told her husband to hide the scale and then she went crazy and couldnt find it. She searched and searched and finally found it in the deep freezer! lol!

  4. You're doing well to hide the scale only to bring it out once a week. Huge commendation for that! You're a brave and committed woman!


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