Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Banders tips & shortcuts

I love reading blogs and finding new foods, recipes and tips from all of you. My Dr. doesn't offer any type of support or nutritional counseling. If he did, I doubt I would find time to make it since his office is 90 minutes away. Fitting in my appointments is already a challenge.

~My two biggest helpers right now are :

1)Isopure Alpine Punch Plus 0 carb, I keep them always in my fridge icy cold. They taste just like the punch Gatorade and I love them! I drink one in the morning and one after my workout. 60 cals/15g protein in little 6oz bottles. I buy mine from Amazon, I order 2 cases (24) at a time, get free shipping, no tax and I get extra 15%discount for scheduling auto shipments. I get 30g of protein from these two tiny bottles and they taste great to me.

2) I bought plastic 1/2 cup containers to put my lunch in, sometimes I bring two (depending on the food). I eat the first one and then wait about 15 minutes, if I am still hungry I have the 2nd one. Keeps me from the overfill feeling.

What are your favorite tips/shortcuts for breakfast/lunch during the week?

Healthy eating ~Today I had a small container of cottage cheese and one Isopure for breakfast and it kept me full 4 hours, UNBELIEVABLE! I had 1/2 cup of tuna for lunch and I am really full, I probably should have left the last two bites. That is why I do the 1/2 cups, my mind kept telling me I needed to eat all that was there even though I was full. If it had been 1 whole cup, I could have had icky consequences from eating too much. Why am I having such a difficult time learning that I do not have to eat all that is on my plate?

Fitness~I increased my time on Joan of Arc from 30 to 35 minutes, did arm work with the free weights and stretches. Burned 316 calories and clocked 2 miles toward my January Miles goal. At this point in time (following lunch), I have burned more calories at the gym than I have eaten. I am a little concerned about how healthy that is :(

I decided to add two more goals for my weekends,
(1) to do at least one child's play activity with the kids that is physical
(2) to do at least one cardio (preferably with my husband)

Now that I have all this awesome energy, I want to share it with my family!


  1. It is really hard to learn to eat the smaller portions and to stop even though there is some food left. It took me several months to figure this out, but whatever I put on my plate (or in a container), I then took some of it away. Maybe that will help.

  2. I love my greek yogurt for breakfast!Has 15 grams of protein and then I love the Salmon Lean Cusine 200 calories and 20g of protein and sometime I cannot finish the whole thing!

    Looking forward to what others say! I need to change it up!!


  3. I, like Nicole, love my Greek yoghurt for breakfast. I either have 2 weetbix with milk or an egg on a half toasted muffin (depending on how hungry I am .. and usually this is about 10am.. not hungry until then.) You do well eating cottage cheese on its own.. eek.. I have found a great recipe incorporating it though into a savory pancake. Will post about it today or tomorrow. :)

  4. i do like the honey greek yogurt


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