Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Am I any Healthier?

Among the reasons for deciding on Lapand was to hopefully getting off my blood pressure meds. When I was talking to my PCP about getting LapBand, he gave me his blessings, but he said to me that losing weight is not a guarantee that my blood pressure would become normal. He told me he had alot of thin patients with high blood pressure and sometimes it is inherited. My Grandmother, my Mom, my Dad, both of my sisters, we all have it. My band doc took me off of it awhile after surgery because my pressure was actually too low afterwards. After about 3 months, my PCP advised me to restart it because my pressure had begun to climb back up again. What got me thinking about all of this was a visit to my drugstore today. My work changed drug plans and I had to go in to update my insurance information. The pharmacist informed me that my new insurance company requires that my PCP sign a form that is forwarded to my insurance company to approve the use of the medicine before they would pay for it. They are actually going to police my doctor I guess. Now I am all worried, what if some yo-yo behind a desk at the insurance company decides that I need a different/cheaper drug than my doctor prescribed? Geeez all this stuff is so overwhelming. Has Lapband allowed you to discontinue any meds?

Healthy eating- I did really well on my choices so far. So far I have been able to eat a normal meal with my family in the evening, just less of it. I am just like My Bandita in that I can eat two pieces of pizza, hamburgers and still have hunger. I sure hope my fill tomorrow will help with this!

Fitness- I am constantly changing my routines and equipment to keep it interesting. I did 1 mile/15 minutes on Eppi and 1 mi/15 minutes on the Treddy. I did some booty exercise equipment and attempted to do the exercise of the day from sparkle. I swear I looked felt like a sealion trying to stay on the dayum ball, I finally gave up. Oh well at least I tried. I will be glad when the weather warms and the time changes to allow me to do some outdoors activities when I get home.

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  1. After I lost about 25 lbs. I gave up my BP med and the C-PAP machine. My BP last week was 118/58 - pretty darn good. High BP runs in my family, too. So, don't give up hope that losing weight, and regular exercise may do the trick for you,


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