Friday, January 15, 2010

Ahhhh no hunger

I believe my tiny fill on Wednesday may be giving me some relief. I hate to get too excited, this happened at the last fill and disappeared in two days. My next appointment is in three weeks. Hopefully I will get some help from this fill until then, it would be absolutely wonderful if I had to postpone my next fill because I didn't need it!

Now here is my question for those of you who have some restriction. Do you worry that you are not getting enough calories? I have always believed that our bodies need around 1000 calories just to function. What happens when we can only eat 1 cup of food 3x a day and its only in 800 calorie range? Isn't that unhealthy? I am loving being full with so little food! I am full right now on a handful of almonds :)

For today, I am just so happy to get a break from hunger. I am just going to wallow in relief while it lasts.

P.S. I am dealing with alot of flashbacks in the last couple days over the Haiti tragedy. Those days of not knowing if your friends or loved ones are dead or alive was positively horrible during Katrina. I remember standing in lines for hours waiting on fresh water. In those lines were women with babies without formula, children separated from their parents and being cared for by neighbors and church's. But by far the most heart wrenching were the elderly who were barely scraping by and now everything they had known was gone. My family is very comfortable financially, but when Katrina hit, we were suddenly the same as everyone else. We were no longer young, wealthy, poor or handicapped we were all just survivors. I was in Walgreens weeks later trying to get my BP medication, (pharmacies had no stock so prescriptions literally took weeks) an elderly couple was in front of me and the wife was trying to get some medications they needed to live, the pharmacy had no internet/atm machiness and could only dispense on a cash basis and the lines were extremely long. Of course the couple did not have the money, (they relied on Medicare), I offered them the cash. How could I not? I needed my BP meds but I was not going die if I didn't get them. I pray for the people in Haiti and that help will come more swiftly for them. I know what they are living through right now!


  1. If I think I'm not getting enough calories in a day for whatever reason, I will drink a glass or orange juice or a glass of 1% or skim milk. I've stayed away from orange juice for so many years because it's so high in calories so I am enjoying being able to drink it again (it's especially good with a little splash of vodka late in the day ... hahaha ... not too often though!).

  2. By the way, going deficit on caloric intake for a few days could really kick start your weight loss - it's not something you want to do all the time but a few days a week won't hurt. Once you get to your goal weight it will be more important to maintain your caloric intake at a consistent level.

  3. I wonder the same thing about 1 cup 3x's per day =0(


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