Friday, January 1, 2010


My first blog entry of 2010! I don't usually give a tremendous amount of thought to what I write on my blog, I usually just type what is on my mind. I like it to be spontaneous and represent the real me. With twelve brand new months to fill with exciting days, events and challenges, I thought I would take a little time to reflect on some of them.

In 2005 we lost our home and everything we owned in Hurricane Katrina. My entire family were left with only a few pieces of clothing packed into overnight bags. After losing all our material possessions, I still felt so blessed to have all my family safe. Many of our friends were not that lucky. It was a humbling experience to have everything we worked our whole lives to build, destroyed overnight. It was my faith in God and the love for my family that gave me the strength to start over at a time when we were planning our retirement.

We bought our current home and furnishings a year later. It was so strange to live in a house where every single thing from towels, forks, my panties, coffee cup, appliances were all brand new. We lost all our family photographs, had no evidence of our children's childhood, no trophies, no awards, no favorite toys, no christening gowns that held so many memories. It took almost a year before I would call this house or any of the contents as my home. I felt like I was living in a corporate apartment and everything in it came from one of those rental stores.

This year (5 years later) we will begin rebuilding our home on our property that has since been sitting vacant.

I have so much to look forward to in 2010. My new Healthy lifestyle, rebuilding our home and retirement. It is my plan to finally retire from my job this year and become a fulltime grandmother. Also, we have two wonderful cruises planned this year.

~~My husband and I will be leaving on a two week vacation from Los Angeles to Hawaii in April. I would love to be at half my goal weight by then.

~~In July, we are leaving on a seven day cruise with my children and grandchildren to the Bahamas. (I hope to be at my goal weight by this cruise)

On the diet front. I did fair with my choices today as far as the meal. Portions seem so huge to me now. I felt full and had every intention of cleaning off my plate until my band told me NOOOO! I love how the band stops me when I cannot stop myself. Later I had two pieces of king cake and now wish that I had more willpower so that I could have turned it down. All I can do now is try to make better choices in the future!


  1. Holy Moly!!! I had no idea you were caught by Katrina - that is tragic and so awful.

    I'm reading a book right now by Greg Iles - it's called the Devil's Punchbowl and it is based in Natchez. It mentions the hurricane a bit (its a work of fiction with a lot of fact thrown in) so to hear that you actually were in the middle of this is just awful. My heart bleeds that you lost everything (and those of your friends!!)

    I hope you manage to get that house in 2010.. it's a great goal to strive for.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Thank you Cara! It was a character building experience. As hard as it was on my children and grandchildren, it taught them that things are just things and they do not define who they are inside. Christmas was very bleak that year but you didn't see it in their faces, only appreciation for what they did get.

  3. I can't even imagine what that must be like...losing everything. You wrote about it very eloquently and thank you for sharing that. You are a very strong woman and it is going to be a very good year for you!

  4. We had friends over to our house tonight and one of them was born and raised in New Orleans. He talked about Katrina and life growing up as a child there. It soundd like such a vibrant place to live. I hope that joy of life is coming back in you and in the city! Happy New Year to you and may all your wishes for the upcoming year come true.


  5. I too am saddened that you lost everything. Everything that is, except your faith & family!! Which is the most important things. Like you said, possessions are just possessions.

    But I still could never be able to fully understand what you had to go through, having never had to live through it myself. I am so glad that you are on your way to rebuilding your home!

    As for the cruises, I am sooo jealous! My DH & I took a cruise from Canada to Hawaii a few years back & loved it!! April should be a great time to go too! You will look fantastic by then I am sure!!

    Happy New Year!!

  6. Your re-building is certainly a testament to your strength and courage. There is no doubt that you will reach your weight loss goals. May all your dreams for 2010 come true.


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