Saturday, January 2, 2010

12 week challenge!

My husband and I will be leaving on our two week cruise to Hawaii in exactly 12 weeks. I am kicking my exercising and into high gear. I would LOVE to be at half my goal weight by then. I have mapped out a few steps help me get there.

1) one hour some type exercise 6 days of week
2) 3 days of toning each (legs,arms,sit ups)
3) keep going with my food journal (I am actually enjoying this with my new iPhone)

Did you notice the absence of the D word? I don't have to make any changes in my healthy eating. I am just going to "keep on,keeping on" with my new band friend! There is no place in my new lifestyle for fad diets/yo-yo dieting/Jenny Craig/weight watchers or any other D word programs. I will never turn down those roads again! I do need to keep active because that is part of a healthy lifestyle. But it doesn't necessarily mean the gym. There are plenty of fun things I want to do, like skating with the kids, swimming, biking/hiking. I would love to take a Rumba class to see if I like it. It is not offered at my gym, but if I like it there are always DVD.

P.S. Today I burned 450 calories at the gym and I actually enjoyed it!


  1. What a great challenge! You'll be successful. And what a great reward at the end of the 12-week challenge.

  2. WOW! I am impressed with your plan and challenging yourself to get where you want. A holiday is great motivation!!! Looking forward to hearing how you progress.

  3. Great plan! And I love NO D WORD! That is my rally cry. You will do great!

  4. Dee, you have some great goals there. They sound totally do-able, and you have some great incentives to keep you going. Hawaii and the Bahamas! Also, I clicked on your blog with my 7-month-old sitting next to me on the couch and when I looked over at her, she was bopping her head and jamming to the music. She loved it - she must have some Cajun blood!

  5. ENJOY this challenge-- and remember, get your protein after your workouts, or you could end up EXTRA hungry. I think you've been there and so have I.
    Band day tomorrow-- thanks for the well wishes!!


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