Monday, December 28, 2009

Post Christmas

Our custom is not to remove our Christmas Tree until Kings Day. Today I began the task of removing all the other decorations. I am trying to get it all done before returning to work next week. I don't have to worry about exercise today, whew!

Santa brought us a Wii-Fit Plus. So far I have only done the step and it was fun. I didn't get much time with it because I would have to fight my kids for it. They love it! I also added the lose it! app onto my iPhone. It's kinda kewl. I use it to journal my foods and the next morning it posts my day to my food journal blog I setup.

New Years eve, we offer babysitting for our Grandchildren. They love having a little party of their very own. My husband and I setup goodies and entertain them, spending time with our granddaughters is our idea of an outstanding New Years!


  1. I never take my tree(or anything else down until after new year) - it makes me sad. I'm excited about using the wii fit too.
    Your New Years Eve sounds great. Enjoy!

  2. I too keep my tree up until after New Years. I just hate to lose the festiveness of it.

    Sounds like a perfect New Year's to me!!!

    Have a great one!!

  3. Whats going on? I thought I had you follow so I could read your new posts - but I mucked up somehow!! Ok.. I'm def on now!!!

    I wish I could figure out this restriction caper, Dee.. I really do. Sometimes for me, after a fill, restriction only kicks in after about four days to a week - and it might last until my next fill - and that can be anywhere from three weeks onward.. but sometimes when I'm due for another fill I change my mind as things are going along great.. only to change my mind a week later because it feels like it has fled. It's a tricky business.

    Sounds like you had a lovely, lovely Christmas. And our Xmas tree will stay up for a few more days - probably coming down after NYE.
    Cara :)


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