Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is this the way the band works?

Yesterday, I had a very hectic day. I ate breakfast and drank a protein shake for lunch because I was rushed. Went to a funeral and then straight to a wedding without a chance to eat anything for dinner. At the wedding reception, those food trays started circulating. First, let me say that the protein shake really lasted much longer than usual, this was 6-7 hours later. I tried to survey the foods that were available and found two soups. Remember we are cajun! lol One was gumbo and the second was a seafood bisque with shrimp and crab. I choose the seafood bisque and began eating it slowly, being careful to chew, chew,chew the shrimp. I ended up eating about 1/3 of a small bowl. Afterwards I tried a few things here and there, taking time to chew. It was not long before I felt this tightening in my chest. I was so afraid I was going to have my first pb/sliming. I stopped eating and by the time the evening was over it was gone. Social situations where you are distracted are very difficult times to hear that band when it's telling me to stop, I am glad I did hear it!

Is this how the band is supposed to work? Is that tightening feeling its way of saying stop or slow down? Is it the band that gave me that full feeling for so many hours after my protein shake? I would love to hear from you experienced banders !

P.S. I had a wonderful NSV last night. Family who had not seen me since banding were so complimentary about my weightloss! I am a long way from my goal weight but lately with Mr. Scale is being so stubborn! Their comments renewed my commitment this morning!

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  1. The band worked perfectly for you, but then you ate slowly you gave the band a chance to do it's job, stopping you before you went too far. Stopping before you go too far will one day become second nature - it will just take a while.


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