Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am so disappointed today :(

Today started out like every other day. I did my protein shake for breakfast and left the house with renewed determination to follow my diet. Then I let myself slide down the wrong path. The easy thing would have been to not post to my blog today and pretend it didn't happen, but I am not going to do that either. I am trying to take a look at why it happened so maybe I can change my behavior.

First off, I had to do lunch early today, around 10:30am (my job is just unpredictable like that). Then I had a little free time and stopped off to do a little Christmas shopping and bought a box of 100 calorie almonds. But instead of eating 1 pack, I ate 3! Almonds and nuts in general are just a red light food for me, I can eat nuts like there is no tomorrow. Now that was bad enough, but later I ate 5 boneless BBQ wings.. Now I am actually sitting here miserable and feeling angry at myself for being so weak.

I think the protein shakes are just not enough for me anymore, the do not keep me full and by lunch I was starving. Now granted I did keep to about one cup at lunch. Tomorrow I will try to do better.

Here are some things I will try to correct.

1~ protein shakes are out for now, unless they serve as a snack.
2~ I am going to begin packing my lunch again (I have gotten away from that)
3~ I am going to make myself eat every 3 hours to keep my energy up
4~ I will bring one bag of almonds with me as a snack and leave the rest at home.
5~ Increase my water by at least 2 bottles tomorrow


  1. We all take a small trip sometimes, it's really not a full fledged fall! Your plan sounds really good, print it out and put it up somewhere so you can stay reminded of it! Tomorrow will be better.

  2. Sounds like a good plan. Don't beat yourself up, but I agree that unless you're doing mushies protein drinks don't work well. In fact my Dr. doesn't like anyone to be on shakes long term.
    You can do it Dee!!

  3. Don't sweat it, really it does not sound that bad. Hey almonds are good for you!

    Definitely ditch the protein shakes. I often have a protein bar for breakfast. I will eat half early on, and half later (usually Zone bars). This seems to work. I know protein shakes would not do the trick for me!

    Keep on going, you are doing fine!

  4. I agree with the others. Don't beat yourself up over it. Tomorrow is another day.

    Hey, I went to the movies today with my Daughters for the first time since Banding & I managed to only eat about 2 cups of Popcorn & 5 Red Vines!! This is good for me. But I still ate something I shouldn't have!!

    I like the idea that you begin taking your lunches to work & only taking the one snack instead of the whole box. I know that if I took the whole box, I would eat the whole box!! So great idea reaffirming your goals.

  5. Thanks guys! When I screw up, I am trying to find a way that I can avoid it the next time. Otherwise, how will I ever change? If I keep doing the same things, I will get the same results which is why I am overweight now!

  6. I can understand dropping the protein shakes if they aren't working for you. For me they are easy to take with me in the am and I don't love the sweetness of protein bars. I drink Elite Berry Blast protein and add benefiber. The benefiber helps keep my full longer and I get my protein at the same time. Just an idea..

  7. One meal @ a time and don't beat yourself up! We all mess up, we just need to get up and move on...I feel guilty when I mess up but ya know it's a fact of my life ~ I'm not perfect!! But I am far better than I was years ago for sure!! ;-)


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