Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye 2009, Hello New Me!

Well tonight I will say goodbye to a life changing year for me. This is the first New Years when "begin a diet" WON'T be on the list! There will be no more diets for me. I have made a lifestyle change that is permanent, no diet of the month for me this new years! I started my journey to join the band in January 2009. A friend did it and looked great so I went to a seminar not really knowing what to expect. My doctor answered all my questions, and at the end I knew it was for me. Of course, I had my share of hoops to go through for my insurance to pay. It took 9 months before they agreed and I was finally banded in September 2009.

Now I look ahead at all the possibilities in 2010 and I get excited about 2010. I have a different attitude, one of confidence and acknowledgement. I am not restricted enough to see the big weight loss yet but I KNOW I will reach my goal. I look forward to the restriction my friend Gen has in 2010. To experience her relief at not having food control her life anymore. With each fill, I take a little more control, exercise and healthy eating becomes more the norm than a obstacle.

I think of the summer in 2010 without dread but in anticipation. I am much more active now and look forward to being a participant instead of a spectator. I see myself in shorts and liking how I look in them. I see myself at the pool and not hiding under cover ups. I see myself playing ball with the kids instead of sitting in a chair watching. I would love to put on a pair of skates again, I used to love skating. I see myself riding the bike I bought three years ago that sits in my garage collecting dust.



  1. Dee, great thoughts to end out 2009 and lots of luck in '10.
    As for me: my starting weight with the doctors' office was 196, but that was September, and I'm afraid I could have put on a few pounds. Besides, I don't want to be dependent on the doc's scale when I have one in my bathroom to monitor my progress. That is why I just decided to go with 197- which is just a little more than what I weighed in at today. DOWNWARD from here...

  2. Great post Dee!! You are doing great & it WILL only get better from here!!!

    Have A Safe & Prosperous New Year!!

  3. Hey Dee,

    Wonderful when we look back on the year and say "Well, that was the year that was.. and the next one is going to be even more kick ass!!"

    You have a lovely NY.. :)


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