Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finally some movement!

Mr. Scale has finally budged since my recent fill. Of course, I do realize that having to stay on liquids, then mushies has definitely helped. The -2 pounds has given me a renewed commitment. I was really feeling frustrated and helpless. Last week for Thanksgiving, I didn't make 100% good choices, but it was not like my pre-banded days either. I didn't gain and that was a victory to me!

Now that I have some restriction, I am trying to make more effort to stay on course. I haven't exercised in a week, so today I went into the gym, did 15 mins on the elliptical and 35 mins/2miles on treadmill @ 3.5. I have slowed up a little on my speed since I skipped a week. I drank my protein shake one hour before and sipped a bottle of water during my exercise.

I have noticed some differences in what I can eat. Yesterday, I had a small individual honey flavored Greek yogurt and I was full until lunch. I had a protein shake for lunch and that lasted until dinner. Dinner was 1/2 cup tuna salad, I had an evening snack of 1/2 indiv cottage cheese. Wow what a difference. I spent the day running to and from appts and that keep me from thinking about head hunger.

Protein shakes are not good to stay on long term, but they are great meal replacements when I am rushed and don't have time to sit and chew my food properly. Besides some of them are yummy and feeds my chocolate fetish! lol

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  1. I'm so glad your fill seems to be working for you. Always good to see scale movement - I hope you pass it on to me. :)


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