Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Back on Track

Yesterday I did a great job getting back on track. My husband and I walked a 5k together, I do love our walks. It is a great stress reliever and allows us some time alone. My widowed daughter and two granddaughters are living with us and time alone does require some planning. I did better with my choices yesterday. My Loseit! app on my iPhone says that 1-1/2 hrs of housecleaning is equal to 267 calories burned! I never thought of housework as being exercise but I guess it is. It also states that 30 minutes of vacuuming burns 111 calories! So now cleaning house is my own little personal workout!

p.s. I haven't been eating much veggies since being banded, concentrating on getting the protein instead. Today I tried to eat some Birdseye Steamed Veggies in a bag..there was some carrots, water chestnuts and broccoli. The broccoli got stuck even though I took my time and really chewed it. Does anyone else have trouble with it after being banded?


  1. Yeah, veggies can be tough...I steam them extra long to make sure they are super soft

  2. I can honestly say I have no troubles with the vegetables - I even eat them raw (like carrot)... how strange we all feel it different ways.

    That said, yesterday, I wrote about not having much restriction and yet I couldn't get moist, cooked chicken down.. hmmm lol...

    Love the fact you worked out the vacuuming - I do that all the time.. (as do we all!!) and housework? Nice to know we have a workout while doing it.

    I hear you on the alone time with hubbie too. Seems once the kids grow and/or we gather extras in the house .. alone time becomes more and more hard to find.

  3. I have not had much problem with veggies - but carrots don't seem to work well unless they are super mushy.

    Great job getting back on the wagon! And thanks for reminding us that housework counts for calorie burning!

  4. Have you tried pureed brocoli soup? Do you get the "cozy coconut blog"-- I just posted a recipe... I love pureed veggies soups and imagine I might just be living on them post band!!

  5. Hi Dee!!

    20lbs in 3 months is fantastic! You should not be so hard on yourself be proud!! I am only down 35lbs in 6 months so you are ahead of me! Think about it, if history repeats itself then at 6 months post op you will be down around 40lbs!! You are going to feel fabulous!!! Sometimes I think about before I had the band and I would think about loosing 35lbs as a HUGE number, but now that I have lost it, it doesn't seem like that big of a number. Funny how our minds change huh? Just think about it, before you were banded 20lbs seemed so far away and now you've accomplished that and you only have so much more to look forward too!!



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