Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ahhh some restriction

It has been a real struggle making healthy choices during this very hectic holiday week. We had dinner tonight with my two granddaughters at their favorite Chinese restaurant. I think I did pretty good with my choices. Chicken, a little rice, seafood. I had 3 shrimp, a couple bites of rice and felt that tightening of my band. I pushed my plate away and sat for a minute to see if it would pass. It didn't so I excused myself and headed to the ladies room. I did PB, but just a little (because I stopped). I thought I was chewing the shrimp & chicken well, but I guess I need to get better at judging that stopping point. Maybe it was the rice? I have read posts from people who cannot do rice once they got some restriction.

I am happy to finally feel restriction, so I am certainly not complaining :)


  1. I find rice to be very difficult to digest, as is pasta. I think it's because it's all carbs - it feels like it turns into a big glue ball in my stomach

  2. I agree with Sally, this is what I have read in others blogs & the Doctor also said that most bandster's can't handle rice or pasta after restriction.

    That being said, I am so happy that you are finally feeling some restriction! I can't wait to get mine! LOL

  3. Oh Lawd, Rice is a big thing here in cajun country. Most of our cajun dishes include some type of rice. But if I must give it up, I will......reluctantly! lol


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