Sunday, December 20, 2009

1st Pb

Today was the first time I have Pb'd since being banded 3 months ago. What an awful and disgusting side effect! I definately do not want a repeat. I had barely eaten anything before I felt the tightness in my band and reminded myself to eat slower. I even got up and walked around a bit before trying to eat more, I was still hungry. Guess I should have just stopped. I started sliming and then Yuck!!

Live and Learn :(

P.S. I get my third fill tomorrow, to be honest I really haven't had that much restriction. Today was much tighter band than normal


  1. what did you eat that caused the PB?

  2. OMG! I have read so many stories from others about PB'g, but so far (knock on wood), I haven't had one yet. But then, I am newly banded. Just passed my one month bandiversary a few days ago & I have yet to get my first fill, which is probably why I haven't had any bad incidents yet!

    So not looking forward to them either!

  3. It was meat from a rib, I honestly have not had any problems with meat and my doctor has not given me any restrictions from meat just to chew it well...but maybe rib meat is more course? I dunno :(


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