Tuesday, November 17, 2009

YAY! For a good Day!

I beat myself up often enough when I screw up and have bad days. Today I thought it would be nice to pat myself on the back for a good day. I made good choices in my meals yesterday and walked an hour in the cool air with my husband. What a wonderful walk we had. We talked about this and that, I mean really talked. So often we get caught up in television, work or housecleaning that we do not really talk and LISTEN to each other's concerns and experiences. My husband is my soul mate, I love him dearly and thoroughly enjoyed our time together. Plus the added benefit of having someone to talk to during my walk, I looked at my watch and we had walked an hour, it seems so much less. It was a GOOD DAY!


  1. I love walks with my husband. I think that is when we really catch up on life.

    Congrats on your good choices, keep up the good work!

  2. We try to take a walk together each evening after I get home from work :)


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