Saturday, November 14, 2009

Well, I had to work today. Hate working Saturdays, but I get a day off during the week in return and those are so nice too! I forced myself to the gym today. I gotta tell you, I can lie to myself sooo bad talking myself out of going, I can't go cause of this..or I'll wait till later...or after that. I finally said, well I will just pop in for a light workout. Just walk 30 mins on the treadmill. Well as usual, once I am there and start working out...I am good. I ended up doing a 5K, this time took me 55mins, but i walked most of it and I am proud of myself for showing up there on a saturday. Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be super. I hope to do some walking outside and then bring my granddaughters shopping for some dresses for their Holiday pictures. I treat them to a new outfit every year for their pictures.

Eating was another trouble spot for me today. Breakfast I did great. But Lunch< I just could not get full! First I did a small blueberry greek yogurt, it was delicious. I sat there awhile afterwards and still did not feel full. So I ate 6oz of tuna and finally ended up with a bowl of cereal. It was awful! I drank water also, just could not get full :(


  1. Hi there, have you been back to see your surgeon? I think you should go in.. remember: the struggles you're feeling shouldn't be so bad, that is what the band is for.
    Don't let fear of not being where you're 'supposed' to be prevent you from going in.
    Make an appointment and get some help-- otherwise: why did you have this surgery anyway, right??
    Hugs to you!!

  2. Dee, don't sweat it. I never get full from Greek yogurt. It does sound like another fill is in order! When is your next one?

    That is awesome you went to the gym and did the whole 5K! I am not a fan of gyms, I find it helps me to have more than one option - like okay, self, you can do an exercise DVD, or run on the treadmill, or run outside, or take a walk, just do something! Other people thrive on the routine of the gym. Just see what works for you.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. I just had my first fill Monday, Nov9th, my doctor says I have to wait 4wks before my 2nd one. I have my already made my next appt. Right now, its just a waiting game I guess

  4. I do the same thing with exercise ... I can seem to make up any excuse to not get out there and walk but once I'm out there I really enjoy it. Then I get a bit peeved with myself for even expending the effort to try to figure a way out of exercising ...

    How much saline is in your band? It's a gradual process to get your band to the point it needs to be for you. At least the next fill will come before the holidays.


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